Plastic Welder

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                Since 1996, I have acquired expertise in the field of tank manufacturing. Former C.P.F. Dualam employee, we witnessed the sale of this business and subsequently its dissolution.

 As a specialized welder, it gives me a huge possibility being inventive. This situation led me to an entrepreneurial path. Since the company had already international quality and reputation, I decided to use the same name and concept.


May my experience benefit you!

Stéphane G. 


                     In 2008, I wanted to improve as an individual, so when I was at my job, I asked a colleague to let me know if my attitude changed ... and obviously that day came much faster than expected. I was in a tank and ruminating just seeing the same manufacturing errors, always at the last minute, just before the tank was shipped.

My role was to report and correct leaks related to the tank. But before, there was a very clear protocol to do. The inspector who documented, took a picture, telephoned the client and asked me to repair according to his specifications, sometimes the external inspector also came. It ended with one last photo.

I was very tense, just being between the foreman and the inspector. Often it ended in the boss's office.

So even as I hurried to the task, I felt all the energy devouring me. So this time I decided to direct all of that energy in another direction. How? 'Or' What? The only thing we talked about was the imminent departure of my mentor, the one who had been my teacher to become a welder. What could I do to him? At that time, I had just bought a computer. Pouf a brilliant idea! Make a video for him in his honor, to thank him for his work accomplished during all these years in this company. This assembly lasted 9 months.

Far from suspecting that employees would ask me to make them a copy to show their children what they did for a living. I, who did not like being in the forefront, had to expose my work to everyone on the day of his retirement and we were in our forties. What was my surprise to see my boss come to see me to make him a copy. He wanted my video in order to show it to clients.

Today, I realize that just the idea of changing our attitude can have a huge impact on our environment.

The video is just a memory now ...



Stéphane G.